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Netware/Tomcat/Apache information

This article gives information about how to set up the configuration files and troubleshoot HelpDesk problems on Netware.

First of all, on Netware installs, you need to make sure that the grouplink.conf or grouplink-nw.conf file is in the /tomcat/conf/ directory. This file links tomcat with apache and it must also be referenced in the httpd.conf file located in the /apache2/conf/ directory. The grouplink.conf file must have references to 'ehelpdesk', not 'grouplink'. If the customer is running HelpDesk version 3.X or 6.X as well as a newer version, they will need two configuration files. One referencing 'grouplink' and one referencing 'ehelpdesk'.

1. You can download the grouplink.conf file from our ftp site here:

2. Check your tomcat folder to see if it says "Tomcat 5" or "Tomcat 5.0". Edit the grouplink.conf file to match that and make sure all instances of "tomcat/4/ are replaced with "/tomcat/5/" (or "/tomcat/5.0" if that's how your installation is set up).

3. Edit the httpd.conf file (located in /apache2/conf/ directory). Add the following statement to the bottom of the page (with the other Include statements): Include sys:/tomcat/5/conf/grouplink.conf

4. Also edit the httpd.conf file to replace all instances of "tomcat/4/ with "/tomcat/5/" (or "/tomcat/5.0" if that's how your installation is set up). This is similar to step #2.

5. Unload apache (ap2webdn), stop tomcat (tc5stop), then load apache (ap2webup), then start tomcat (tomcat5).

If you're still having problems, try running HelpDesk temporarily on port 8080. You can do this by uncommenting the port 8080 section of the server.xml file located in the tomcat/conf/ directory. Restart tomcat and access HelpDesk by using the URL: http://<serveripaddress>:8080/ehelpdesk. If HelpDesk comes up on port 8080, you know there is either a problem with one of the configuration files you just set up, or apache is not linking with tomcat. If you're certain the configuration files are correct, and if the customer is on Netware Service Pack 7, go back into the grouplink.conf file and change the first two lines of the file to say:

JkMount /ehelpdesk ajp13tc5
JkMount /ehelpdesk/* ajp13tc5

Restart tomcat and apache. 




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